Gregor Eistert

writer ▵ performer ▵ time traveller


In his work Gregor Eistert is decoding the camouflaged messages of popular culture, finding connections to our human history that created the world around us. Through installations, writing and theatre creations he explores phenomenons like the agency of individuals in a world of the masses and the cultural influences on up-bringing and story telling.


When he was sixteen Gregor Eistert started out working as an actor with the English Drama Group Salzburg. After appearing in several short and feature-length films he went back to doing theatre, working with institutions like Sala Beckett Barcelona and Volksbühne Berlin. In 2017 he started his work as a director and founded the Rommelen theatre company together with Anna Bustamante. Since 2019 he collaborates with Silvana Pérez Meix and Poka Yoke Teatro.


As a writer Gregor Eistert published his texts – both fiction and drama – in literary magazines in Austria and Germany. Winning several literary prizes like the WLDMW competition in 2019. His plays have been staged in Salzburg and Barcelona, together with his theatre company Rommelen.
He’s currently working on an anthology of his texts which will be published in 2020.


In both his work and private life Gregor Eistert advocates a more open and kind society. In 2014 he gave a TEDx Talk about achieving a more tolerant society, followed by a series of lectures at universities in Austria and Spain.
In 2016 he happened to be involved in a kiss that went viral.