Gregor Eistert

writer ▵ performer ▵ time traveller

Gardens watered by running streams

On September 28, 2011 the american ministry of justice released a document related to the September 11 attacks. The paper which was written in arabic and by hand is called Spiritual Instruction and proofs the religious motivations of the terrorist attacks. The perpetrators are promised to get into paradise after their deaths.

The performatic play Gardens Watered by Running Streams deals with that paradise, with the longing for the hereafter, the disappointment in the present. The performance is centered around the challenges faced by individuals who feel socially excluded, left behind and therefore hope to find redemption in an ideology or religion.

Based on a poetry of intertextuality the play cites texts like the aforementioned Spiritual Instruction, the prayer Our Father and the Quran.

Gardens Watered by Running streams premiered at the festival disposed at the K├╝nstlerhaus, Salzburg and was later shown at the Cruixent festival at Espai Espronceda in Barcelona.

For more information or a video of the full performance just write an email.

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