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Un lugar mejor

"Enterrada en nuestras palabras se encuentra débil una vieja esperanza."

"Un lugar mejor" is an immersive theatre experience.
For the duration of the play the audience visits a meditation retreat where people are invited to relax, find their centre or even inner peace.
However, the illusion starts shattering and soon we see ourselves confronted with great crisis of our lifetime: a dying Earth.

Un lugar mejor is a production of Rommelen Teatre. The piece was created during a residency at CC Parc Sandaru.

Directed by Gregor Eistert
Movement by Ana Bustamante
Text: Gregor Eistert
Translation: Gregor Eistert & Carlos Ruiz
Performers: Ana Bustamante, Lydia Zapatero, Gregor Eistert and the voice of Silvana Pérez
Sound Design: Oriol Planas and Gregor Eistert with music by Abu Gabi & States of Clay
Lighting Design: Nahomi Monjaraz
Costume Design: Elisabeth Eistert
Illustrations: Berjer B. Capati
Video: Oscar Diaz

Upcoming dates: 5th February at CC Parc Sandaru, Barcelona

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