Gregor Eistert

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¿Existe un lugar mejor?
Festival Tudanzas, Barcelona

Un lugar mejor
Sala Sandaru, Barcelona

Literaturhaus Salzburg


LärmUn lugar mejorLa chismosaMechanics of shared existenceAnother Savage in the WildernessGardens watered by running streams


Publication 2020
Literaturhaus Salzburg

"In unseren Köpfen schreien wir doch schon. [...] Hier drinnen ist es bereits unerträglich. Und ein Draußen existiert nicht."

Lärm is a collection of dramatic and narrative texts by Gregor Eistert published by MARK Salzburg.

The publication date of "LÄRM" had to be moved due to COVID19. Stay tuned for the new date.

Un lugar mejor

Theatre & Dance 2020
Sala Sandaru, Barcelona

"Un lugar mejor" is an immersive theatre experience.
For the duration of the play the audience visits a meditation retreat where people are invited to relax, find their centre or even inner peace.
However, the illusion starts shattering and soon we see ourselves confronted with great crisis of our lifetime: a dying Earth.
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La chismosa

Teatre & Dance 2019
Festival Tudanzas, Barcelona

With "La chismosa" we explored how social media is influencing our relationships.
The characters in this dance piece hide their faces behind indigenous Ecuadorian masks while they find themselves in a strange new world where they can only get by with the help of others. Collaboration is key and new forms of relationships are created to ensure survival.

Mechanics of shared existance

Installation 2018
La Villarroel, Barcelona

No generation before us has ever documented itself so meticulously. Each day social media gains about 840 new users and 4 million hours of content are uploaded to youtube. By selecting what we share we design who we are. But doing so, we often forget about the durability of digital content. Conversations that were meant to be heard and forgotten can be re-read at any given time and interpreted in multiple ways. Images that were meant for private use go on to live a ghost like existence in blogs and forums, shared by strangers. We move on, our digital traces stay the same.
What will happen with all this content in a few years time? Will our future selves be ashamed of your present behaviour?

Another Savage in the Wilderness

Installation 2017
La Villarroel Barcelona

Everything in the universe is defined by two fixed points: Beginning and End, Birth and Death. Stars and solar systems are born and explode in the end, human beings age and at some point they have to face the proximity of death. We fall in love and separate again. Our lives are made up by cycles that come with a due date we’re rarely able to influence.
As we perceive our identity mainly through the interaction with others, communication is essential in the construction of the self. Just another savage in the Wilderness deals with the failures in communication between two individuals during a cycle with an unavoidable ending. That cycle could be a human lifespan, a relationship or a random encounter on a train.

Gardens Watered by Running Streams

Performatic Theatre Play 2017
Künstlerhaus Salzburg, Espai Esbronzeda Barcelona

The performatic play Gardens Watered by Running Streams deals with paradise, with the longing for the hereafter, the disappointment in the present. The performance is centered around the challenges faced by individuals who feel socially excluded, left behind and therefore hope to find redemption in an ideology or religion.
Based on a poetry of intertextuality the play cites texts like the aforementioned Spiritual Instruction, the prayer Our Father and the Quran.
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